4×4 Mercedes Ambulance

Why 4×4 Mercedes Ambulance ? The roads between the north and the south of Iraq are pathways as the region is rural. It takes extremely considerable time to enter the city center from the point of the patients living there. The patients struggle to reach to the hospital on the rough roads without an ambulance. Mercedes Ambulance has the AWD feature which functions automatically by the time the vehicle is on the rough surface. Ambulance manufactured as being automatic or manual. We’ve produced the ambulance as diesel; however, it is possible to manufacture them as gasoline. The internal surface of the ambulance is covered with ABS material that is one-piece and cleanable. Besides, the grounds are coated with an antibacterial epoxy material.

Mercedes 4×4 ambulance manufactured as being agreeable according to EN1789 European union standards. The main stretcher in the ambulance has a 10G testing certificate. Moreover, on the purpose of mounting the stretcher to the ambulance effortlessly, a movable stainless platform with a ramp is placed in it. The platform has a 10G crash test certificate. Mercedes 4×4 ambulance designed as an emergency type. A paramedic defibrillator device with 12 conduits and Veinmenn ventilator device installed into the ambulance. 

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