AmbulanceMed company was established by a particular expert businessmen who have long-term experience in the superstructure sector.

AmbulanceMed, who combines technical expertise with the commercial ones and maintains with national/international experience, has led the delivery of thousands of ambulances until today.

Today, our ambulances and our mobile health vehicles are traveling safely on the roads based in 4 continents. Recently, we have managed to improve designing top structure vehicles for the Middle East and African markets.

Our innovative thinking structure and expertise assure the ambulances and the mobile health devices work perfectly. Moreover, we deliver the vehicles which we manufacture in only 30 days.

About Us

Ambulances are engaged in manufacturing and exports of medical supplies mobile health Ambulancemed EOW, one of the aims of our group company, which is to protect the freedom of health workers, including rural areas, and to enable you to provide better service to work with great dedication and patient transport patients and health personnel in appropriate circumstances, of mobile health technology to facilitate the operation from the direction of emerging every day and aims to lead the way into a new stream at the same time, managed to carry it to the summit, our company has reached a large audience around the world, and the wishes of our customers mobile vehicles, manufactured appropriately and taking into account its convenience, continue to move forward with solid steps and gain confidence in its service. Our goal ambulances and mobile clinics to provide the perfect comfort and driving capabilities of the means of diesel and gasoline to provide comfort and accessible, offering unquestionable clinical tools and mobile security solutions and we are proud to produce fuel options ambulance manufacturer.
As Ambulacemed group company, we have completed the delivery of hundreds of ambulance manufacturers and mobile clinical vehicles worldwide. Our main and fundamental responsibility along the way is to move patients to the emergency room and make it easier to provide mobile clinical solutions to patients who do not have access to the hospital. However, patients with disabilities and to provide motion of infant and child patients from around the world to ensure that they are transported in a safe manner on a large scale is a service that we do, and Europe, and also manufactured in accordance with the standards of organizations such as the United Nations, our mobile health vehicles and ambulances exceptionally broad technological equipment.
It is proof of our confidence to add new products and innovative tools to our product range every year. In recent years, we have begun to mediate the expansion of not only us, but also the horizons of the subsidiary industry.
Ambulancemed EOW group is an experienced manufacturing and export company established to provide better and more economical mobile solutions. We design and manufacture a variety of mobile healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. While we care about the planet we live on, we aim to provide high quality products and services worldwide in the most economical way.
Focusing on the needs of our customers, quality, happiness, our employees, honesty, innovation, our contribution to society, sustainability and perfectionism are our core values and principles. All these core values and principles form the spirit of our Ambulancemed EOW group company and carry us to a successful future.
We are aware that the lives of thousands of families depend on the ambulance manufacturer and mobile clinic vehicles we produce. We guarantee our products in terms of the ability to provide fast technical service.
Our priorities are to design and operate innovative ambulances and mobile clinical devices that meet the expectations of our partners, and to streamline the tasks of healthcare workers. The basic innovation is to work to ensure a better life.
We are aware that the innovative current comes first and brings the future closer. We are trying to find stronger and more stable new ways to help save human lives. We believe in the need to think and act extraordinarily to increase our efficiency, and we conduct our work in this direction in a complete manner.

Our mission is to give direction to the sector by following innovative applications and technological developments. We work hard for continuous growth in foreign target Sundays and use our resources effectively in terms of company values, goals and strategies for systems and products needed by our country and the world.

Our vision is to be one of the few companies that find solutions that make human life easier both in our country and in the world by producing reliable, high-performance, durable and state-of-the-art products.

As a company that believes in the need to provide high levels of innovation to enable our colleagues to achieve high working standards, as well as our service to our customers, we care about making working with colleagues a valuable experience and creating holistic effectiveness and change.

For us, it is our strong loyalty to us that our employees are proud and loyal to our structure and that they are a great advocate for our company and their efforts in the direction of the development of our company. As an ambulance, we are pleased that both our employees are responsible and stable, as well as the loyalty and trust of our customers to us, and we will continue to provide services and guarantees with the best innovative developments along the way.