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The profile is an Ambulancemed EOW, Ambulance Supplier, and internationally known designer and manufacturer of special vehicles. Profile product combines a long-term experience and knowledge of the industry, product development is based on customer-oriented design and technological excellence.

Ambulance Manufacturers; As a group of Ambulancemed EOW is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental clinics, mobile health laboratories, mobile clinics, and medical practitioners. Our Ambulancemed EOW Company also serves dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, and other alternate care sites.

As Ambulancemed EOW group Company offers a comprehensive selection of materials and services, including value-added solutions for operating effective practices and making high-quality technology care. Our company Ambulancemed EOW through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 100,000 branded products and our Ambulancemed EOW group company manufacturer ambulance and also products in stock, as well as more than 100,000 additional materials available as special-order items. Our Ambulancemed EOW company also offers its customers exclusive, innovative, and brand new technology solutions, including practice management software and e-commerce solutions, as additionally a broad range of financial services.

Design Ambulance Manufacturers

As we know, designers create ambulances according to different types. Ambulance designs fall into three categories. Type I ambulances have a modular or detachable body built on a truck chassis. The truck cab connects to the body through a small window, but the occupants must go outside to enter the ambulance body. Type II ambulances use a van with a raised roof. Because of the van construction, the occupants can easily enter the body from the inside, although the interior space is limited. Type III ambulances have a modular body built on a cutaway van chassis. This design combines the capacity of the larger modular body with the walk-through accessibility of the van.

Our group company Ambulancemed EOW, Ambulance Manufacturer it has to enable us to be a world-class company based on high standards with a team of libertarian and established in accordance therewithal the wishes of our customers, which consist of high-tech materials with the best equipment of ambulance types in these three categories and can provide production on the best terms for each ambulance brand.

Ambulance Manufacturers

These contracts will help save your agency valuable resources, however, that is not all.  Our Ambulancemed EOW will also contribute you with service after the sale. We pride ourselves on customer service both because our manufacturer company has made the great business comprehensive world, besides that we have done with the high- quality jobs especially in the Middle East and also Africa. Because we will help you with any discrepancies in billing, equipment failure, vendor relations, finding products, and much more do you require.  Our Ambulancemed EOW  is a one-stop buying group that meets all your needs. We want to provide you with the right products – the right services – at the right price! We’d like to add you to our gorgeous growing list of members with success stories.

Expand and improve its market segment

  • Acquire, preserve and disseminate information on the role of emergency vehicles
  • Improve relationships with other industry segments
  • Promote new product innovations
  • Assist in the development of industry safety standards and programs.

Ambulance  Manufacturer in a modified assembly line process, where the vehicle or body moves from one fixed area of a plant to another, rather than being pulled along an assembly line. Specific parts are brought to each area for installation or assembly. Different manufacturers may use slightly different processes.

In our company Ambulancemed EOW, the design of Ambulance Manufacturers is regulated by several standards, and the manufacturer must take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with those standards. Each system is inspected and tested for proper installation and operation as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, every material, from the aluminum in the body to the foam in the headrests, is certified by the manufacturer to meet the required specifications.

Role of emergency vehicles

Ambulancemed EOW, we build the industry’s most innovative ambulances for the heroes risking their lives to save others. Our dedication extends to the crews working tirelessly through the night. We ensure that you, our employees, their families, and even perfect strangers can rest easy. This commitment begins with the four pillars of Ambulancemed EOW manufacturing. Each pillar is crafted to deliver the highest-quality, most tailor-made emergency vehicles available in the market.

As Ambulancemed EOW, when you choose an ambulance for your crew, you expect quality construction, a safe experience, and a high level of assurance in the vehicle. So, that’s what we deliver. Then we go further. We make sure every piece of equipment functions as intended and is ready to work for you when you need it. Plus, our unique production system uses quality gates to ensure we overlook nothing, catch and correct defects, and prevent them from happening again.

But don’t just take our word for it, as third-party testing and certifications will back up our commitment to safety. And even then, we don’t stop there. We’ll continue to test our trucks to levels unheard of in the ambulance industry.

Our group of Ambulancemed EOW, Ambulance Supplier, we always aspire to develop for our customers with a safe, and therewithal renewed service. For this reason, it keeps open to innovations at every subsequent time.

•          Expand and improve its market segment

•          Acquire, preserve, and disseminate information on the role of emergency vehicles

•          Improve relationships with other industry segments

•          Promote new product innovations

•          Assist in the development of industry safety standards and programs


Mission statement

Ambulancemed EOW improves pre-hospital care by enhancing ambulance safety and performance. We ensure uniform communication of requirements through outreach to the EOW Ambulancemed community.


Vision statement

As Ambulancemed EOW  is the leading source for ambulance safety in Turkey and around the world community.

As a group of Ambulancemed EOW, we listen to you, your wishes, and your ideas. In Profile product, you will always get the industry’s forerunner and finest insights for emergency care. This improves safety, ergonomics, and hygiene. When you choose a Profile product, you will always be one step ahead now and in the future.

Ambulance Manufacturers

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