Container Clinic

Container Clinic

A container clinic is a small hospital that can be placed anywhere in the world. Shipping Containers are ideal for everyone because they are strong and spacious, so of course, the most important thing is the low cost. Container Clinics are already available all over the world after the container has recovered.

Container Clinics are transformed into mobile devices that can be used quickly and cost-effectively and are put in hospitals and areas of need.

Container Clinics can customize as you wish and therefore a small hospital environment may occur. Container Clinics are easily collected and reused and very easy to store. Container Clinics have their ventilation and lighting system for each section. Container Clinics are connected to a specially made electrical system and receive the power supply from gasoline or diesel generators and the kW values of the generators vary according to the customer’s request. Container Clinics can be easily disinfected and cleaned.

Container Clinic

Container Clinics can change sizes, but they are either 20ft or 40ft in size because they are shipping containers. 20ft Container length is 5,897mm,width is 2,348mm and height is 2,390mm. 40ft Container length is 12,031mm, width is 2,348mm and height is 2,390mm. Container Clinics are usually located in Africa and the Middle East regions, although they are all over the world.

Container Clinics can be created in various rooms in the desired amount depending on customer request. The example is: Maternity Room, Operating Room, Patient Examination Area, Patient Waiting Area, and all other units and departments are added. Container Clinics are taken by truck to the desired area and installed and can serve in the region for a long time. Container The internal coatings of the clinics are made of an antibacterial and easy-to-clean material. All kinds of medical equipment and devices are placed in the desired medical departments and these equipment, devices can be fixed. Container Clinics can also install cold and hot water installations such as sinks and toilets at customer request.

Container Clinics’ projects provide many usage opportunities to the desired place and region with low cost, easy installation, and appropriate maintenance costs.