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Container Clinic

Container Clinic

Container clinics occupy an important place within the scope of healthcare solutions.
If you do not need a clinic that needs to be constantly on the move, container clinics are convenient, portable health units with large interior volumes that can be loaded and transported on a trailer if desired.

While van-type vehicles are useful, containers provide a larger working area. Containers such as operating room, dental clinic, gynecological examination clinic, laboratory, maternity clinic, blood donation clinic. can serve clinically in many different ways.

According to the space required of a container clinic, a 20 ft container or a 40 ft container can be preferred.
While a 20 ft container may be preferred as a smaller examination area and easier to transport, a 40 ft container will be more suitable for multi-compartment clinics such as operating rooms.

Interior/Technical Details

Electricity system, generator and water treatment systems are installed inside the container clinic.
In addition to 220 V socket inputs, internet cable input and 1A, 2A direct usb inputs are also designed and placed in the container.
The outside of the container is covered with composite panels according to the customer’s preference, so that the outside of the container has a smoother appearance. Exterior designs such as logos and slogans can be applied on these composite panels, again according to the customer’s request.

For countries with sufficient sunlight, solar panels can be installed in the container so that most of the energy is provided by the sun.