In the scope of the fight against Corona Virus, a Mobile Hospital project is requested by Northern Iraqi regional administration.

As AmbulanceMed, after having detailed discussions with them, we delivered our mobile hospital project consisting of intensive care and patient surveillance units with a 20 ”container and 52 m2 tent.

The Northern Iraqi Regional Administration evaluated our project and added their requests to the internal medical equipment, and asked for the initiation of the process towards the realization of the project.

After the approval of the Northern Iraq administration, we, as AmbulanceMed, completed the production of our Corona Mobile Hospital in 2 weeks and presented it available for the shipment. After the negotiations, our Corona Mobile Hospital was delivered to Northern Iraq Mosul by road and was established on the same day and began its operations.

Our Corona Mobile Hospital;

  • Consists of 1 20 feet container and 1 52 m2 tent. Both units operate interconnectedly.
  • The 20 feet container consists of three main components: 
  1. Technical room : Electricity, medical gas, and other requirements of our Corona Mobile Hospital are located in here. That compartment of the hospital contains oxygen system and cylinders, electrical wiring control, generator, and other equipment.
  2. Intensive care unit : 2 patients are treated and kept under surveillance after intensive care with full isolation in here. The fully insulated intensive care unit includes one 12-channel defibrillator, two intensive care type ventilators, and two bedside monitors.
  3. Surveillance intensive care unit : There are two bedside monitors and ventilators in here. 

In both intensive care units, there are medical gas systems and lighting systems at the bedside. Depending on the user request, these sections can be equipped with a negative pressure system.

  • There are ten beds in the tent part of our Corona Mobile Hospital to keep and sentinel the patients. The tent offers an area of ​​52 m2. It has medical gas systems and interior lighting in all patient bedheads. In addition, there is a fan device at each bed heads.

The Northern Iraq Regional administration actively uses our Corona Mobile Hospital and reports us that they may have orders in Erbil and Kirkuk according to the state of the disease.

As AmbulanceMed, we are proud of the fact that our Corona Mobile Hospital project is in operation and being requested from many Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries.

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