Emergency Ambulance Medical Equipment List

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Emergency Ambulance Medical Equipment List

Emergency Ambulance Medical Equipment List

Emergency medical services (EMS) rely heavily on well-equipped ambulances to provide critical care during transport. We write the Emergency Ambulance Medical Equipment List for you here, Keep in mind that this list includes standard equipment for emergency ambulances. According to the customer’s request, this list can certainly be modified, so don’t worry about it.



  1. Main Stretcher: A sturdy and adjustable stretcher for patient transport.
  2. Spine Board (Plastic Made): Used to immobilize and safely transport patients with suspected spinal injuries.
  3. Scoop Stretcher: Allows for patient transfer without the need for movement, reducing the risk of further injury.
  4. Pole Stretcher: A lightweight, portable stretcher for quick evacuations.
  5. Chair Stretcher: Converts into a chair to maneuver patients through narrow spaces.
  6. Holders and Fastens on Walls Inside: Secures equipment and supplies during transport.


Oxygen and Breathing Equipment

  1. Oxygen Regulator – Vacuum Source – Air: Controls and regulates oxygen flow.
  2. V. Holder: Holds intravenous bags securely.
  3. Small Oxygen Cylinder (2 liters): Portable oxygen supply, includes 5 adult masks and 5 children’s masks.
  4. Oxygen Tube (10 L.) Qty 4: Larger oxygen supply for extended use.


Medical Devices and Equipment

  1. Defibrillator with 3 Leads ECG: Essential for monitoring heart rhythms and delivering shocks if needed.
  2. ICU Monitor: Includes SPO2 sensors for adults and neonates, NIBP cuffs for all ages, ECG cables, and temperature electrodes (3 pcs each).
  3. Suction Unit (Fixed): Powered by oxygen tube for clearing airways.
  4. Suction Unit (Portable): Mobile suction unit for emergency use.
  5. Sphygmomanometer (Wall-Type): Mounted blood pressure monitor.
  6. Portable Sphygmomanometer: For mobile blood pressure measurements.
  7. Glucometer with a Box of Strips: Measures blood glucose levels.
  8. Pulse Oximeter (Adults and Neonates): Monitors oxygen saturation levels (3 pcs each).
  9. Ventilator (Adult and Neonates): Provides mechanical ventilation (3 sets each).
  10. Syringe Pump: Up to 50 mL capacity with transfer sets (10 pcs).
  11. Laryngoscope Set (Adults and Pediatrics): For intubation procedures.
  12. Diagnostic Set (Otoscope): Used for examining ears.
  13. Cervical Collar Set: Immobilizes the neck to prevent further injury.
  14. Thermometer (Electronic and Gun): Measures body temperature.
  15. Body, Back, and Limb Splints: For immobilizing fractures and injuries.
  16. Complete First Aid Kit: Contains a variety of emergency medical supplies.


Specialized Medical Kits

  1. Various Urology Sondes: For urinary catheterization.
  2. Various Sondes: General-purpose catheters.
  3. Syringes and Serum Sets: For administering injections and intravenous fluids.
  4. Burning Set: Specialized equipment for treating burns.
  5. Obstetrics Set: For childbirth emergencies.
  6. Small Surgery Set: Basic tools for minor surgical procedures.
  7. Pneumothorax Drainage Set: For treating collapsed lungs.
  8. Nasogastric Sondes: Multiple sizes for gastric decompression.
  9. Suction Catheter: Multiple sizes for airway clearance.
  10. Fracture Fixation Pins: For stabilizing broken bones.


Respiratory and Emergency Equipment

  1. Oxygen Mask (Adults and Pediatrics): 10 sets for delivering oxygen.
  2. Endotracheal Tube (Multisizes): For airway management.
  3. Oxygen Concentrator: Provides a continuous flow of oxygen.
  4. Ambu Bag (Adults and Neonates): 10 sets each for manual ventilation.
  5. Body Bag: For transporting deceased individuals.
  6. Hand Disinfector with Holder: Ensures hygiene and infection control.



A well-equipped ambulance, furnished with these tools and apparatus, serves as a pivotal enhancer of efficiency and efficacy in delivering emergency medical services.

The meticulous upkeep and modernization of every piece of equipment stand pivotal in ensuring the utmost standard of care during critical moments.

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