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Mercedes ambulance conversion kit is produced compatible according to en1789 norms. These kits can be easily mounted into the vehicles. As AmbulanceMed, we design each kit agreeable with all kinds of vehicles. The covering used in the kits are produced from ABS based material; in addition, these coverings are fireproof and provide insulation.

The electric system in the kit is produced agreeable in accordance with EU ambulance regulations. Also, it is designed as having a distinct color from the vehicle’s electric system in order to be separated easily. The electric installation of the ambulance comprised of one-piece from the bonnet to the rear patient compartment. Each cable is enumerated about the area where they are supposed to be used. An instruction manual is provided with the kits for setup.

The installation of the ambulance can be easily executed by the technicians according to the directions given in the instruction. Moreover, additional support galvanizes material is provided with the ambulance conversion kit for immobilizing the cups and installation feet. Before implementing the ambulance abs covering, additional galvanizes can be appended to between the vehicle and covering. In the ambulance conversion kit, insulation material made of glass fiber wool was used to provide heat and sound isolation.

The ambulance conversion kit is manufactured agreeable with Mercedes, Ford, Ducato, and Peugeot vehicles. A British type oxygen system is determined in the kit.

The system contains two 10 liter oxygen cylinders, oxygen sockets, and oxygen blowing installations. The ambulance conversion kit includes two headlamps, which are located on the rear and front, and three side headlamp illumination systems placed on the right and left sides. Ambulance lighting system legs can be mounted easily on the surface of the vehicle.

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