Mercedes Ambulance Sudan

MERCEDES AMBULANCE SUDAN Millions of people had to leave the houses because of the civil war that continued in Sudan for over 17 years, and thousands lost their lives due to the civil war. It is getting more and more difficult to reach health centers in the Darfur region, where the civil war is intense. In Sudan, the central government was dismissed and a transition government was established. Therefore, Darfur does not have a geographically wide road network. Ambulances in Darfur, where refugee camps are located, are of great importance for patients who cannot access the hospital.

Mercedes ambulance, which we deliver to Darfur as AmbulanceMed, will serve fully equipped. In addition, there is an additional newborn carrying cuvette in the ambulance. The loader is connected to the main stretcher by an external apparatus. When it is out of use, it can be removed on the stretcher. Mercedes ambulance was designed and manufactured to facilitate the transfer of pregnant women to the hospital. There are 300 packages of newborn sets in the MERCEDES AMBULANCE SUDAN. All delivery sets are sterile and disposable.

There is a 12-channel defibrillator device in the MERCEDES AMBULANCE SUDAN, suitable for both baby and adult use. Device spoons can be used for both adults and newborns. There are an adult and newborn ventilation device in the ambulance. Medical devices in the ambulance can work with 12v and 220v. Thanks to the battery and battery inside, it is also possible to use it in places where there is no electricity.