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Toyota Hiace Ambulancia Nigeria

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Nigeria

Toyota Hiace Ambulancia Nigeria; Toyota Hiace is demanded by many countries of the world for its durability, safe driving and ambulance transformation with its high-tech equipment. It is extremely important that the vehicle converted into an ambulance is suitable for conversion. But besides this, ambulance equipment must be placed in the most convenient way and in the most appropriate way for emergencies.

Our company AmbulanceMed, which works in various projects with many countries, works meticulously in the field of health with its whole team. In this context, we took part in big projects with some countries. In line with our own experience, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the most suitable, efficient, robust and safest vehicles. In addition to the vehicle we transformed into an ambulance; We are very sensitive to the quality, hygiene and conformity of the medical equipment we use to world standards.

Our Nigerian customer; based on our offers, chose our Toyota Hiace ambulance for his big project. In project scope; Toyota Hiace Ambulance Nigeria, it was aimed to provide ambulances to rural areas that were inadequate in terms of health. Many versions of the ambulance equipped with different equipment were prepared for Nigeria in a very short time. We exported more than 100 ambulances for this big project. Our team continued to work collaboratively to deliver the ambulances on time. 

With the intense and devoted work of our team in Dubai, we completed the transformation of all ambulances in 2 months. It is important to work in coordination and manage the process well for large projects. It has been a source of honor for us that these ambulances are put into the service of rural areas that are more deficient in terms of health.