Expandable Container for emergency Response for UN

Expandable Container for emergency Response is the most productive one among the mobile container solutions as it provides more extended operation field compared with 20 ft standard containers.  The expandable container 20 ft has a 4 meters width and 1.40 meters depth. The mobile containers are expanded by hydraulic lifts. The hydraulic support unit for the lifts, a decent area for the oxygen and nitrogen tubes, hot-cold air conditioner, water tanks, and a generator is set in the technical room. The technical room is reachable from out of the container. A door is located for entrance and exit, and an air curtain determined on the top of the door. We used cups that are produced from stainless steel material, for storage area. In the main segment of the expandable container, there is a sink that provides both hot and cold water and a surgical cleaning area. A multi-function surgery desk is placed in the center of the expandable container. The desk can rotate 360 degrees. An output socket is placed on the left and right sides for the oxygen and nitrogen gases.

Also, the head of the desk is donated with a monitor, essential equipment for surgical operation, and a lighting system. Besides, there is a disinfection system located in the container.The expandable container provides a wide variety of usage areas, including general examination and surgery. Also, it provides a 20m2 practice range. It is an efficient model especially for surgical operations. The price of the Expandable Container for emergency Response begins from 40.000 Euro. (Basic and without medical equipment)

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