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Expandable Container (With Hydraulic Feet)

The Expandable Container (With Hydraulic Feet) can be effortlessly loaded on a tow truck via its’ hydraulic feet. The hydraulic haulers can be grown out of 1.5 meters from the ground when they are revealed. These hydraulic feet also act as a stabilizer on the surface of the expandable container. The feet make it simpler to set up the container, especially in the fields where straightening is not feasible. The container can be boosted to the intended height when the feet are open. In the coastal tropical regions of Africa. Increasing the height of the container prevents itself from entering the water in it in case sudden flows.

The hydraulic lifts are managed from the technical room located in the container, and a cordless command controls them. Also, a generator, heating and cooling management. The electric system of the container and a unit containing medical gas systems are located in the technical room. It is possible to reach that room from out of the container. Mobile hospital container provides a 24m2 operating field when it is completely opened. The external surface of the container is covered with composite aluminum material. The internal surfaces, on the other hand, are isolated for heat and sound. The hydraulic feet of the expandable container is preserved in the storage area, which is based on each corner of the container. After using it. The cups operate automatically. 

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