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Ford Ambulance Van

Especially in an emergency, paramedics must arrive at the accident scene within minutes or seconds to treat the patient.  Time is critical for paramedics. You can count on Ford Ambulance Van, produced by our company EOW, to take you to the accident site as quickly as possible or to transport you to the patient as quickly as possible. Because the seconds lost in traffic jams or other obstacles encountered can be a matter of life and death.

Using the latest and most up-to-date technologies of 2024, we make our own ambulances for our customers. We use the highest quality medical devices along with the safest and fastest driving experience.




Things to consider when buying a Ford Ambulance Van are listed below:

  1. Vehicle Specifications:

    • Ensure the van meets the required specifications for ambulance use, including size, weight capacity, and interior space for medical equipment and personnel.
    • Check the engine specifications for reliability and power, considering the van’s intended use for emergency response.
  2. Safety Features:

    • In order to ensure the safety of patients and medical personnel during transport, look for advanced safety features such as airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control, stability control, and rear-view cameras.
    • Consider any additional safety features specific to ambulance use, such as reinforced chassis and patient compartment crash protection.
  3. Customization Options:

    • Evaluate the available customization options for the patient compartment, including seating arrangements, medical equipment mounts, lighting, HVAC systems, and storage solutions to suit the specific needs of your medical team and patients.
  4. Accessibility:
    • Assess the ease of patient loading and unloading, considering features like low floors, ramps, and stretcher lift systems.
    • Ensure the van provides adequate space and accessibility for patients with mobility challenges, including those in wheelchairs or stretchers.
  5. Durability and Reliability:

    • Consider the durability and reliability of the Ford brand, as well as the specific model of the ambulance van, to minimize downtime and ensure longevity.
    • Review the van’s maintenance schedule and projected maintenance costs to assess long-term ownership expenses.
  6. Compliance and Regulations:

    • Ensure the ambulance van meets all relevant safety and medical standards and regulations, including those set by federal, state, and local authorities.
    • Verify that the van complies with standards such as FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and KKK-A-1822F for ambulance design and construction.
  7. Cost and Financing:

    • Compare the purchase price of the Ford Ambulance Van with similar models from other manufacturers to ensure competitive pricing.
    • Explore financing options, including leasing, loans, or government grants, to determine the most cost-effective way to acquire the ambulance van.
  8. After-Sales Support:

    • Research the availability of after-sales support, including warranty coverage, maintenance services, and technical support from Ford or authorized dealerships.
    • Consider the availability of spare parts and service centers to ensure timely repairs and maintenance as needed.



Vehicle size

The size of the Ford Transit ambulance will depend on the needs of our customers. Large ambulances are more expensive to operate and more difficult to maintain.

Vehicle manufacturer Ford Ambulance Van

As employees of EOW Group companies, which have longevity in the industry, have a strong history of service and have pioneered the industry in testing and innovation; We can say that our Ford Ambulance Van, which is a product that should be seen the world over, is the safest type of ambulance we have recently supplied in terms of suitability to many standards.


You can customize our ambulances according to your specifications, ie the characteristics you have determined and your needs.

Standard features

The Ford Transit Ambulance includes a number of important features that come standard with the ambulance. A few of them are as follows;

  • Hygienic aluminum interior panels with sound and heat insulation
  • Patient cabin partition with sliding window
  • Antibacterial and non-slip floor for the patient area
  • Intravenous strip
  • Upper handlebar
  • Oxygen therapy kit
  • 12V DC power source
  • Waste bucket
  • Stretcher loading ramp
  • Optional Features


You can choose from a wide variety of optional features that will allow you to build an ambulance to your specifications. Some of these:

  • Sink with water tanks
  • Patient compartment control panel with digital touch screen
  • Defibrillator (basic or advanced)
  • Spine immobilizer
  • Portable oxygen therapy set
  • Two-way mobile radio
  • Stretcher platform
  • Fan assembly
  • Withdrawal collar


The Ford Transit Ambulance is customizable and the specifications of it with Ambulance Conversion may vary depending on the requirements of the service provider. Its contemporary design can be customized to individual needs and offers almost everything healthcare providers need: accessibility, durability and reliability.

As an EOW Group company, our Ford Transit provides a safe environment for patients and attendants; It is designed for off-road performance, structural strength and durability. Thanks to the quality of manufacture; It minimizes your costs by virtually eliminating unscheduled maintenance and repairs. Our company EOW ensures optimal patient care by offering an exceptional range of vital equipment according to European UN standards.

If our EOW group had to choose an ambulance to use in an emergency, they would have chosen the Ford Transit ambulance.

These ambulances are of great importance around the world, taking doctors to accident sites, transporting patients to hospitals and transporting lifesaving equipment.

Our Ford Transit ambulance covers are produced in one piece and mounted on the ambulance.



Dimensions of our Ford Transit ambulance:

  • Length 5680mm
  • Width 1974mm
  • Height 2787mm
  • Interior dimensions:
  • Length 3200mm
  • Width 1700mm
  • Height 1710 / 1925mm
  • Wheelbase 3750mm
  • Working volume 2402 cm 2198 cm3
  • Diesel motor
  • Power 63kW 114kW

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