Ford Transit Ambulance

This Ford Transit Ambulance model is manufactured to En 1789 European standards and is equipped with the use of new technologies and materials in the European standard allows us to deliver a new brand, high-quality ambulance to the market at the old price. In addition, our ambulance is designed for medical emergency medical care by a medical (paramedic) team, transporting and monitoring the condition of patients in the pre-hospital stage.

In the our Ford Ambulance there is a main stretcher and a transport platform in the middle of the ambulance cabin. It is possible to move another patient by tilting the right seat about 160 degrees.

The ambulance has its own air conditioner and external heater.

It is possible to evacuate patients through the sliding door on the right side and through the back door.

The right side door of the ambulance is formed by sliding. The back door turns. The main stretcher of the ambulance can be easily entered into the ambulance via a ramp through the back door. The inner sides of both doors are covered with reflective sheeting, which is easily visible if the doors are opened. Both doors are airtight and prevent dust from entering the vehicle.

There is an audible and illuminated warning system to alert the driver if the driver or patient’s cabin is opened unintentionally.

The floor of the ambulance is covered with an antibacterial decking. It is covered with 20mm MDF wood material under decking. There is a material made of glass fiber wool under the floor covering to provide heat and sound insulation.

The decking of the our Ford Ambulance is done by pouring and using composite material. It is possible to rise about 5-10 cm from the side walls in the floor covering. Impermeability is ensured through isolation and applications. It is possible to clean the floor easily with water-based cleaning elements.

The inner sides of the patient cabinet are health-smooth and can be easily cleaned. The covers used in the ambulance were white and did not make any camber. The whole connection area is smooth and does not cause leakage. Our Ford  Ambulance coatings are manufactured in one piece and installed in the ambulance.

The cabin colors of the Ford patient transport Ambulance are produced in orange or turquoise; in fact, they can be changed depending on customer requirements and preferences.


Overall dimensions:

  • length 5680 mm
  • width 1974 mm
  • height 2787 mm

Internal dimensions:

  • length 3200 mm
  • width 1700 mm
  • height 1710 / 1925 mm
  • wheelbase 3750 mm
  • Working volume 2402 … 2198 cm3

Engine diesel

Power 63 … 114 kW

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