Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance

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Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance

3 of our Ford Transit ambulance preferred by the Turkic Republics were made for Uzbekistan.

In terms of climate and Roads of Uzbekistan. Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance s are chosen and preferred as the most proper emergency vehicles compared to similar vehicles. Diesel fuel is used in Ford Transit Ambulances. Accordingly, in view of users, it is economically appropriate and consequently, these types of ambulances are highly preferred. Like Uzbekistan, many of Turkic Republics and North Africa countries prefer Ford Transit Ambulances.


Our Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance aid ambulances in terms of medical equipment, equipped with the main stretcher, scoop stretcher, spine board, and chair stretcher. Besides these stretcher packs, they equipped with high-level medical appliances such as a defibrillator, ventilator, portable vacuum aspirator, and oxygen system. Moreover, with various consumables and numerous other medical products inside ambulances, it allows doctors and paramedics to make all necessary interventions in the ambulance or at the point where there is a case.


Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance

Ford Transit Model Ambulance is made of anti-bacterial and easily cleanable ABS coating and foam board cabinets in accordance with European standards. In addition, the vehicle’s floor, placing with smooth plywood. It is made of anti-slip epoxy floor coating which also is anti-bacterial and easy to clean. All these features provide economical and easy operations of such intensively used vehicles like cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, our Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance has 1 doctor’s seat and paramedic seat. Besides this, it has 2 seating groups in the patient compartment and an air conditioning system for hot weather. In case of battery problems, in addition to the vehicle’s own battery an electrical system, an additional battery, and an electrical system is applied to serve the ambulance in all cases. The electrical system in the patient compartment is equipped with both 12V and 220V sockets. Thanks to this, it provides the use of all medical devices with the desired electrical output.

Ford Transit

With all these features, Ford Transit Emergency Ambulance can easily reach cases both in rural areas and in city centers. Besides that provide an economical maintenance cost. Thanks to its European standard equipment, it is able to provide a high-quality service for both doctors and patients.

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