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Hospital Tent for Emergency response

Hospital Tent for an Emergency response; Hospital tent provides fast and innovative health solutions, especially in the rural segments of Africa, where there is limited access to a hospital. A hospital tent does not require any investment and skilled staff for establishing and handling it; assembly instructions will be sufficient for those. Hospital tent accommodates a sterilized space for patients. It is proper to use hospital tents in case of war, scarcity, and extraordinary nature conditions. The hospital tent is manufactured from a unique PVC layer that is waterproof and provides advanced protection against unfavorable weather conditions. Also, the heater and coolers located in the tent produced as being portable as well as the lighting system. The fabric of the ground and the sidewalls have high resistance against adverse weather conditions. Rafters in the tent are charged with air by an explicit compressor from outside. It takes 5 minutes to make the tent functional. Hospital Tent for an Emergency response can be either used solely or with other hospital tents. A trailer is used for conveying the tent to the field. Setup equipment for the hospital tent, the tent itself, generator, the caps, and tables can be stored in the trailer. The tent can be easily transmitted via a 4×4 field vehicle to the determined place. The price of the hospital tent begins at 14.000 Euro. (Cost can be altered according to the technical details and materials used in the tent)


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