Hospital Tent for General Examination

Hospital Tent for General ExaminationThe hospital tent for general examination is designed for the fields where there is no access to a hospital. The tents are blown up with air effortlessly. Setting up and dismantling the tent demands 10 minutes averagely in total. The internal and external surfaces of the tent have high resistance against extreme raining and sun lights. There is no need to shape the ground before setting it. It can be used either sequestered or with other tents as modular. We used portable devices for lighting, heating, and cooling the tent. It is possible to carry these devices in the trailer effortlessly. A patient examination table, a table for the doctor, and the secretariat area for pre-meeting are placed in the hospital tent.  The price of the Hospital Tent for General Examination begins from 12.000 Euro; however, it can change according to its model and equipment used in it.