We offer our Hyundai H350 ambulance near me, which is among the AmbulanceMed products, with its affordable cost and robustness.

Our Hyundai H350 ambulance near me is presented to customers with ABS cabinet coating or cabinet system made of foamboard material according to the user request.

Our Hyundai H350 vehicle has a 2.5 liter 150BG and a 2.5-liter 170BG engine. Both engine options can be offered according to the user request.

There are LED type interior lights and LED type spotlights in the patient cabin of our ambulance. The management of the entire electrical system can be arranged from the panel. There is one seat for the doctor and one paramedic seat. There are lockers for medical supplies and compartments for immobilizing medical devices. In our Hyundai H 350 ambulance, there are two 10-liter oxygen cylinders and the oxygen system in which these cylinders are attached. Our oxygen system includes a constant vacuum aspirator, humidifier, and oxygen outlet jacks.

There is an intercom system and sliding glass on the separator wall to enable communication between the patient cabin and the driver’s cabin. Our Hyundai H350 ambulance near me has an air conditioning system that can lessen the patient cabin and driver part at the same time. The air conditioner can be managed from the control panel of the patient cabin and driver part. In addition, bidirectional turbo ventilation is available for patient cabin ventilation.

Our Hyundai H350 ambulance has a Light Bar positioned at the front and rear. In addition to these Light Bars, there are lamps on the sides of the vehicle, three on the right and three on the left, and synchronized lamps with the Light Bars. All lamps are LED system. Also, the siren system that can play siren in 3 different tones is included in the Light Bar system. All of the mentioned features above of our Hyundai H350 ambulance can be re-projected by AmbulanceMed according to user requests.

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