Hyundai HL1 Ambulances

سيارة اسعاف Hyundai HL1

Hyundai HL1 Ambulances; Hyundai HL1 is used for ambulance conversion by many international emergency response units in ambulance production. Ideal for armored ambulance conversion, the Hyundai HL1 armored ambulance offers ample interior space for patients and healthcare personnel, with its suitability for operations in urban areas and a wide variety of medical equipment.

The specifications and equipment of our Hyundai HL1 ambulances as an internal armored ambulance are described below:

  • Collapsible main stretcher,
  • Two patient chairs and a stretcher with four swivel wheels,
  • Duo-Folding secondary stretcher; an easily foldable light stretcher,
  • 12 V electric fan to eliminate unwanted odors in the patient cabin,
  • Ceiling Mounted Part IV,
  • Portable Oxygen Therapy Set; Ventilator / Resuscitator and much more are included in our ambulance.

The Hyundai HL1 was designed to meet “light to medium commercial needs” at the time the vehicles were first introduced. It has been used as a light commercial transporter, ambulance, taxi and even passenger van around the world. Recently, Toyota Hyundai HL1 has established itself as the Mobile Ambulance, both in equipment and comfort. With its equipment and price advantage, it has made our customers attract more attention and be attractive. To help you understand the Hyundai HL1 vehicle and more importantly, the quality equipment we produce and to help you choose the best one for you, we have created this detailed information guide for you and give you the best choice. We aimed to help.

As an EOW company, we will review our vehicle’s interior and exterior specifications including current types and models of our Hyundai HL1 Ambulance for our valued customers in this detailed guide we have written. We’ll also look at different engines, including the popular 1TR, 1RZ, and more. In addition, we would like to clarify that our Hyundai HL1 ambulance, which you can buy within your budget with its reliability, practical applications in daily life, includes all models of emergency aid, patient transport and intensive care, and we can adjust it in all respects according to country conditions and climatic conditions.

Hyundai HL1 Ambulance Overview:

• Driver-controlled siren system, which can operate in different modes.

• Sound and thermal insulation in the patient cabin with supporting power

• Antibacterial, antistatic epoxy-based coating, suitable for floor washing

• Functional cabinet system on the left side (according to the choice of our customers) in MDF or foam board

• Group of seats on the right side of the cabin that can be used as storage

• Interior lighting system, fluorescent lamps and spotlights

• Second air conditioner, additional battery, control panel, heater and intercom system.

Make a choice in which you will experience the global reputation of our Hyundai HL1 Ambulance by choosing from powerful, economical, reliable and diversified models by carrying out large-scale works and services in several target country profiles in recent years, where our company stands out from its competitors.

A sleek, minimalist Hyundai HL1 ambulance with large cargo space and easier accessibility, with high-performance features that include a diesel particulate filter (DPF) system, reverse sensors and anti-lock braking system (ABS) ) for maximum safety and reliability on the road.

 Hyundai HL1 Ambulances Engine Features:

• Level of protection up to CEN B6, B6 +

• NIJ Level III

• ENGINE(S) 2.7L I4 Petrol (149 hp/240 lb-ft)

• 2.5L I4 diesel (100 hp/260 lb-ft)

• 2.8L Diesel I4 (175 hp/420 lb-ft)

• TRANSMISSION(S) 5-speed manual

Hyundai HL1 Ambulance Overview, Interior and Exterior:

• Urban ambulance solution

• Armored ambulance

• Hyundai HL1 Ambulance Ballistic Glass

• Raised sliding doors

• Hyundai HL1 ambulance patient compartment stretcher

• Hyundai HL1 ambulance entry and exit points

• Hyundai HL1 ambulance internal medical equipment

Hyundai HL1 Ambulance Chassis Technical Specifications:

Height and weight

1) Chassis: Hyundai HL1

2) Wheelbase mm: 3110

3) Circle of rotation m≤13

4) Overall ambulance size mm: 5380 x 1880 x 2430

5) Overall dimensions of medical cabinet mm: 3480 x 1750 x 1625

6) VW kg: 2450

7) GVW kg:3050

8) Tire type 195/R15

9) Load per axle Kg: 1430/1620


11) Type of fuel: Gasoline

12) Engine Operation: DOHC 4-Cylinder 16 Valve (VVT-i)

13) Engine model: 2TR

14) Offset cm3:2694

15) Compression Ratio : 9.6:1

16) Emission standard : EURO Ⅳ

17) Bore x stroke mm: 95.0 x 95.0

18) power kw(hp)/rev: 111 / 4800

19) Torque power Nm/rpm: 241/3800

20) Top speed km/h: 145

21) Number of passengers (inv driver) 5-7

1) (ABS) 1

2) Remote tailgate

3) Anti-collision reinforcement bumper

4) Two-seater driver’s cab

5) RSR front double airbag

6) Electric windows

7) 6-Disc CD Player (MP3), AM/PM Radio

8) Wrinkled area

9) Electronic anti-theft system

10) Emergency Escape Hammer

11) Brake override system

12) Adjustable steering wheel (steering wheel)

13) Remote fuel tank cap switch (wire)

14) Rear wiper, rear wiper, rear window defogger

15) Ion Air Filter

16) Rear seat heating

17) Front seat heating

18) A/C, Light System

19) Original independent air conditioning

20) Independent control air conditioning system in medical cabin

21) Two-way medical cabinet ventilation system

22) 22 LED work lights on the ceiling of the medical cabinet

23) Sterilization system: installed ultraviolet sterilization lamp

Electric system

24) Intelligent automatic charging system. The system includes: main and auxiliary batteries, sinusoidal inverter and smart regulator.

The main storage battery is charging the auxiliary storage battery to support the power usage in the purification cabinet through the intelligent regulator when the engine is running.

To connect the 220V external power outlet, charge both batteries with the engine off. AC/DC switching system.

25) Sine Wave Inverter: The inverter will start charging the main and auxiliary storage batteries through an external 220V electronic connection.

26) Two sets of 220V and 12V 2 outlets

27) 220V external outlet and 15M coordinated moving cable.

28) Driver’s cabin, two pass switch and touch panel installation for each.

In addition, Hyundai HL1 is capable of controlling the Panel lighting system, the air conditioning system, the AC/DC switching system and the ventilation system in all our Model Type Ambulances. By the way, the screen can decode important information, including: time, temperature, etc.

Warning light system

29) 100W siren support

30) Warning loudspeaker system

31) External siren speaker

32) LED warning light bar

33) Blue LED Rear Warning Projector

34) Emergency Reset Button: Used to press the reset button when the vehicle is active to cause driving during expected main battery power loss.

Medical Cabin Features

35) Partition panel to separate driver’s cabs and sliding window treatment

36) Freestanding swivel medical chair

37) Comfortable bench seat with safety belt

38) Used in manufacturing ABS vacuum forming module to form medical cabinet structure

39) Imported LG chemical floor: Corrosion protection, fire insulation, waterproofing, environmental

40) Medical wall cabinet: tempered glass sliding door

Auto lock approval for all cabinets

41) All cabinets are made with 15mm lighting PVC foam board

42) Medical bench table for assembling equipment

43) 10L oxygen cylinders: Pressure reducing valve, cylinder fixed device

44) Concealed metal oxygen connection tube

45) Concealed infusion hook on top

Safety handrails on the roof

46) Being able to break the first aid chest next to the sliding door

47) Personalized 3M Body Security Sticker

48) 2KG fire extinguisher

Stretcher system

49) Automatic loading stretcher

50) Stretcher platform

51) Hub Stretcher

52) Stair stretcher