Iveco Daily Ambulance AMBULANCEMED EOW

Iveco Dailiy Ambulance

The description following hereafter sets out the technical details specifying in the our group company Ambulancemed EOW Iveco Dailiy Ambulance for use in municipal and rural areas.

Our Iveco Dailiy Ambulance complies with international standards such as CEE, ISO, …

The manufacturing of this our Iveco Daily Ambulance is done under ISO 9001 quality control procedures.

The ambulance is built on an IVECO Daily 50C15 E3 – 4×2 chassis with a turbo-charged 146 HP Diesel engine.

The chassis offers seating capacity for the driver and 1 crew member in the original IVECO factory-fitted cabin.

Behind the cabin, a container-type superstructure is fitted, equipped on the inside with medicare and transport equipment for 1 patient and two seats for medical staff.

You can see in detail, of the our Iveco Dailiy Ambulance comprises the following components:

1. Chassis

IVECO Daily 50C15 E3 – 4×2

Wheelbase 3750 mm.


4-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke, turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel engine.

Maximum power: 146 HP (107 kW) at 3000 to 3500 rpm.

Maximum torque: 350 Nm at 1400 to 2600 rpm

Capacity: 2998 cm3


Manual transmission.

6 synchronised forward gears and 1 reverse gear.

Braking system

Disc brakes on all wheels.

Anti-wheel lock braking system (ABS) is provided.

ASR and EBD.


Hydraulically assisted steering.

Steering wheel on the left hand side of the vehicle (LHD).

Steering column with rake adjustment and lock.


Front axle with load capacity of 2100 kg.

Rear axle with load capacity of 3700 kg.

Front suspension

Torsion bar suspension with anti-roll bar.

Telescopic shock absorbers.

Rear suspension

Semi elliptic leaf spring suspension with anti-roll bar.

Telescopic shock absorbers.

Wheels and tires

7 steel wheels with tires Continental 195/75R16 or equivalent.

Twin wheels at the rear.

Spare wheel with jack mounted below the chassis frame at the rear of the vehicle.

Electrical system

Voltage: 12V

Battery: 110 Ah.

Alternator 14V – 110 A.

Fuel system

70 liter fuel tank.

2. Superstructure

2.1. Cab

Two-door cab, original IVECO factory-fitted model, corrosion

protected, suitable for driver and one passenger.

In the our Iveco Dailiy Ambulance  cabin forms an entirely closed unit and is provided with each side one large entrance door, front hinged, with electric operated windows.

Large left and right rear mirrors.

Interior paneling out of non-splintering material, cabin with ceiling light automatically coming on

when the doors are being opened of our Iveco Dailiy Ambulance

Floor of driver’s cabin covered with an anti slippery surface.

Driver’s seat equipped with mechanical suspension, is adjustable both horizontally and vertically, and

fitted with movable backrest and integrated with headrest and safety belt.

Front passenger seat is equipped with headrest and safety-belt. It is adjustable both horizontally and


2.3.2. Electrical appliances in the medical compartment

1 12 V / 220 V distribution system

4 12 V sockets

4 220 V sockets

1 Air conditioning system

Factory-fitted air conditioning system is provided.

12 V socket is provided on dashboard.

The instruments provided in the cab include:

Calibrated digital speed indicator

Revolutions counter

Coolant temperature gauge

Fuel gauge

Front and rear fog lights warning lamps

Hazard warning light

Direction indication warning light

Oil “low” warning light

Parking brake “engaged” warning light

Coolant temperature “high” warning light

Switch and controls for revolving lights, siren with P.A.

system, …

Control light and buzzer for open doors

Control light for battery charging

On top of the cabin, a glass fiber reinforced element will be installed, styled to complement the

modern lines of the superstructure, provided on both sides with high grade translucent covers for

the front roof top emergency lighting (beacons).

2.2. Medical/Sanitary compartment

All materials used for the construction of the medical/

sanitary are completely new and free of defects. Very close attention is paid to the choice of the

different materials and the anti-corrosive treatment.

The medical/sanitary compartment will be manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polyester

(GRP) and has been treated and professionally painted to give the vehicle a nice appearance.

The medical/sanitary compartment is provided on its right side with one sliding door and at its rear

side with two revolving doors, assuring easy access. Each door is provided in the upper part with a

window which will be made translucent over 2/3 of its height by use of an adhesive.

On the left side of the medical/sanitary superstructure is equipped with two compartment. The front

left compartment is suited for tools for the chassis.

The left rear compartment is equipped with a revolving door giving access to a storage compartment

for stowage of oxygen bottles.

Int the our Ambulance has automatic compartment illumination is actuated by the doors, and is controlled by a master switch

with pilot light in the cabin.

Therewithal rear roof top emergency lighting (beacons) will be enclosed by high grade translucent covers

incorporated within the roof line to blend with the style lines of the vehicle.

Easy communication between the driver and the medic(s) inside the medical compartment is


Moreover, against this wall, of our Iveco Dailiy Ambulance a medical cabinet will be installed. The total height of this cabinet will be approximately 100 cm. The top part, which can be used as a working desk, will be equipped with a sink. Two reservoirs will be provided, one for fresh and one for waste water.

This medical cabinet is equipped on its left side with four drawers for stowage of different medical

and paramedical equipment, and on its right side with the necessary space for possible stowage of

first intervention kits, trauma kits, oxygen supply kits and other crucial medical equipment.

A disinfection dispenser will be provided above the medical cabinet. A waste bin will be provided in

the immediate environment despite that in terms of very important and newly developed technological equipment with also that today, for health workers and patients have become one of the  major trends across of  the world.

Along the left and right top side of the medical/sanitary compartment, a number of additional

cabinets, will be provided.

The floor of the medical compartment will be covered by an easy to clean and slip resistant surface.

In the center section of the medical/sanitary compartment a stainless steel table will be provided,

able to hold the main medical stretcher.

In addition, Besides that, our Iveco Daily Ambulance with the groundbreaking technical featured and the best planning, it was able to enter among the new preferences.

Three seats for the medic(s) will be provided, one in front of the medical cabinet installed against the

front wall of the medical/sanitary compartment and two on the right and left side of the stretcher.

The medical/sanitary compartment will be equipped with an oxygen distribution system consisting of

2 oxygen bottles of 10 liter/200 bar installed inside the left rear compartment, distribution pipework,

2 oxygen terminal units, pressure regulator(s), flow meter(s) and masks.

On the ceiling of the medical/sanitary compartment handle bars will be installed and a minimum of

2 infuse hooks will be provided.

2.3. Equipment List of the our Iveco Daily Ambulance

As Ambulancemed EOW, we mentioned our equipment vehicle and medical list below:

2.3.1. Vehicle equipment

1 Hydraulic jack

1 Spanner

2 Screw drivers (1 medium, 1 large)

1 Air pressure gauge

1 Key set

1 Complete spare wheel with tire

1 Rim key

2.3.2. Medical equipment

1 Main stretcher FE 4153 & 4052

1 Foldable stretcher FE 107

1 Scoop stretcher FE 65

1 Back board

1 Full body vacuum mattress

1 Set of 3 vacuum splints

1 Neck collar – adult

1 Neck collar – child

1 Emergency backpack DIN 14142-K

1 Disaster relief emergency backpack

1 Automatic external defibrillator

1 Electrical slime aspirator

1 Fire blanket 170 x 170 cm