As AmbulanceMed, Macedonia is the current utilizer of our Land Cruiser Ambulance service project. A private hospital located in Skopje (Macedonia) purchased a Land Cruiser ambulance to serve in the ski center in the town of Mavrovo.

Interviews done with hospital officials reported that injuries from winter sports accidents were common in the town of Mavrovo during the winter season. They stated that Mavrovo ski center officials talked to the private hospital for enhancing immediate intervention to these injuries and asked for help in solving the problem. In order to provide service to the region, the private hospital contacted our company to purchase the Land Cruiser Ambulance, which is suitable for the ski center conditions.

As a result of the interviews made with the hospital officials, we determined that there were intensive fractures and injuries in the light of the statistical data of the winter sports accidents occurring at the ski center. In consideration of these data, we manufactured our Land Cruiser ambulance servises by equipping it with splint sets for broken cases, fixing stretchers, and emergency response bags.

Our Land Cruiser ambulance service has started to be used in the ski resort of the town of Mavrovo in the middle of the 2020 winter season. According to the information we received from the hospital officials, our ambulance has been used to intervene in two broken and four injured cases. Thus, it has achieved the desired efficiency of use.

They expressed that they are talking with local municipalities and private hospitals for the use of Land Cruiser Ambulance service in the other ski resorts likewise the application in the Skopje Municipality Mavrovo town in Macedonia. Moreover, they also stated that they are attempting to establish a common budget in this regard.

As AmbulanceMed, we are proud to see that our Land Cruiser Ambulances service offer efficient service in difficult areas.

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