Mercedes Ambulance For Sale

Mercedes Ambulance For Sale

Mercedes Ambulance For Sale;In the  WAS 500  Ambulancemed EWO  Mercedes Ambulance  for sale sets new standards regarding ergonomics, hygiene, patient handling and safety.

Completely tailor-made to customer´s requirements the WAS 500 fulfils its daily duty under extreme climatic conditions while being used as a road ambulance or as well as a VIP transporter.

Our company group Ambulancemed EOW, WAS ambulances always are outstanding and distinguish themselves for their multiple applications, always following the EN1789 standard and beyond.

This only is possible by using latest technology and individually engineered projects – the WAS 500 defines the standards worldwide: 360° special warning light, a special super hot country box body construction, an acoustic warning device, durable and lightweight furniture materials that are resistant to fi re and disinfectants, as well as our Mercedes Ambulance for sale  a comfortable and  stretchertable.

In our Mercedes Ambulance for sale with a max. total weight of 5 ton, the compact aerodynamical box ambulance is designed for not protruding the base vehicles width and can pass through heavy traffic and narrow streets just like a van ambulance.

Our ambulances are thoroughly checked to make sure they can be used for any emergency right away. They are completely cleaned and go through several technical check-ups. To make sure they stay affordable, we sell them for the best price. They are the best option for emergency transport. You can also take a look at one of our other ambulances for sale.

Medical equipment

As group company Ambulancemed EOW, do you need any medical equipment for an ambulance? We offer a wide range of new and used medical equipment for ambulances like Defibrillators and Patient Monitors, AED’s, Defibrillator accessories, Stretchers, Immobilisation equipment, Aspiration and Suction equipment, Respiration equipment, Ventilators, Other small EMS equipment like Helmets, Bags and more.


Mileage : 0

Fuel type : Diesel

Model : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Vehicle type : 515 CDI

Transmission : GD8 6-speed manual transmission ECO Gear 360

Construction : WAS 500

Product Description

Max. weight: 5000 kg

Engine power: 110 KW (150 PS)

Wheel set-up: 4×2

Emission class: Euro 3

Type: 90615313

Engine condition: Good

Tires condition: 100%

Color: Yellow RAL 1016

Airco: Front and back

Technical: Perfect condition, free from damage