Mercedes Ambulance Somalia


Mercedes Ambulance Somalia ; We delivered two Mercedes Sprinter patient transfer type ambulances to Somaliland, which is mostly desert, on the shore of the Gulf of Aden. Somaliland is not fully internationally recognized. Both the UN and the international perspective continue humanitarian aid projects to Somaliland. In the past years, thousands of innocent people have lost their lives due to separatist movements between Somaliland and Somalia, many of whom had to leave their homes. Especially the people on Somaliland Djibouti border are far from getting enough health care.

As AmbulanceMed, we delivered 2 patient transport ambulances for the innocent civilian people, who escaped from chaos and violence, to reach the hospital comfortably and on time and benefit from preventive health services.

Mercedes Ambulance Somalia is designed for patient transport in view of equipment. There are two 10-liter oxygen cylinders, oxygen humidification, and oxygen vacuum unit in the ambulance. To facilitate the transportation of patients, there is a main stretcher, spine board and chair stretcher in the ambulance.

Considering the climatic conditions of Somaliland, air conditioning with a dashboard, which can provide adequate cooling in extreme hot seasons, was used. The air conditioner can be comfortably controlled from the ambulance driver’s compartment and the patient’s compartment.

There is a diesel heater inside theMercedes Ambulance Somalia patient compartment. Diesel heater can work independently from the engine of the vehicle. The heater supplies all the fuel from its own fuel tank.

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