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Mercedes Box Ambulance for the Middle East

Mercedes box ambulance presents more extended storing space compared with panelvan type ambulances. Flat ambulance walls enable paramedic employees to intervene in a patient pleasantly. There are two oxygen tubes, each of having 10 liters capacity, in the ambulance. We settled the oxygen tubes out of the cabinet to protect the paramedic employee and patient in case an accident happens in the cabin. These tubes can be accessed from inside by the cupboards located on the left side of the cabinet. We preferred Mercedes sprinter 419 chassis as the vehicle in this project. The wheelbase is over 4 meters, which provides a proper and qualified area for the ambulance box. We can design box type ambulances according to requests and expectations of the customers. It takes two weeks to transmit the box ambulance to Jordan. The Mercedes Box Ambulance s are conveyed via containers from Turkey to Jordan Aqaba harbor. Generally, Toyota Hiace ambulance and Hyundai h1 ambulances are preferred in Jordan. 

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