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Mobile Clinic Africa rural dwellers have several difficulties in reaching the hospital. We are experiencing the pride of reaching to the people who dwell in rural areas by a group volunteer self-sacrifice. The primary purposes of the mobile clinic that we’ve produced are general intervention, check-up, and up, and pregnancy control. We added a generator, hot-cold water system, wheelchair ramp, inverter, rectifier, gynecological examination table, minor surgery medical equipment, and disposable material in it. We preferred the “Temsa” brand as the clinic. It has a diesel engine and eur 3. Six seats are located on the front part of the vehicle to allow health employees to travel comfortably. Mobile Clinic Africa is a chemical toilet in the clinic, which is generally for the use of the employees. We set implicit oxygen and nitrogen system, ekg monitor, and defibrillator device.

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Toyota Land Cruiser

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Mobile Field Hospital Truck

Mobile Field Hospital Truck

Mobile Field Hospital Truck AmbulanceMed has carried the concept of Mobile Field Hospital Truck to a different dimension by carrying out projects on truck after

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