Mobile Dental Clinic Republic of Ecuador

The AmbulanceMed company purchased the Mobile Dental Clinic Republic of Ecuador in order to enable the people of the Republic of Ecuador in “La Sierra”, the most mountainous region of the country, to benefit from basic dental care.

The “La Sierra” region of the Republic of Ecuador is a region that includes cities such as Ambato, Riobamba and capital city Kito. Due to the mountainous and high altitude of the geographical structure of the region, the need for a Mobile Dental unit has been created by the Republic of Ecuador in order to provide on-site services on the dental health of the people living in the rural areas of the cities.

Ford Transit Mobil Dental unit, which they purchase from AmbulanceMed, actively serves in the “La Sierra” region. As a result of their positive results, the Republic of Ecuador decided to purchase a Mobile Dental clinic to serve in the “El Oriente” region in the east of the country in 2020. The “El Oriente” region is an area covered by rainforests, covering half of the country’s surface area. Therefore, timber constitutes the most important economic income of the country. There is also an intense flow of tourists to the rainforest. In light of all these parameters, necessary studies have been initiated by the Republic of Ecuador in order for the region to benefit from the Mobile Dental unit service.

In line with the positive results the Republic of Ecuador received from the Mobile Dental clinic studies, they reported that they started working within the scope of the Mobile Examination, Mobile X-Ray and Mobile Scanning tools among the 5-year short-term health investments after 2020.

In the statement; They expressed that the geographical structure of the country is more suitable for Mobile Health tools applications. In this way, they stated that the peoples of the region received basic health services on-site and easily and that the people had the right to receive this service.

As AmbulanceMed company, we would like to convey that we are proud and happy to be in the service of humanity and to produce the quality that humanity deserves.

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