Mobile Dental Clinic Guadeloupe/ Grande Terra

Guadeloupe/ Grande Terra Mobile Dental Clinic; We, as AmbulanceMed, have reached to the patients who oblige dental treatment. The physically handicapped patients living in rural areas have severe obstacles to reach Grande Terra from their houses as the circumstances are inadequate. The patients are obliged to use external sources or conventional treatment techniques. We reach an agreement with our solution partners, who provide mobile dental solutions in Guadeloupe, about how to present efficient service.

We reconstructed the Mercedes Splinter vehicle into a dental clinic and equipped it with dentist seats, tooth unit, hot-cold water system, external generator, and other essential supplies. We placed two split air-conditioners into the Mercedes box type dental clinic since the temperature average of the country is high during the year. These climates mediated to afford a satisfactory area to the patients while the vehicle is not in motion. Especially the hydraulic wheelchair ramp that we have located in the mobile dental clinic mediated to the physically handicapped patients to be served perfectly without taking them to the hospital. The unique low ground design of the AmbulanceMed mobile dental clinic gain extra favor in terms of safety and efficient accessibility.

The mobile dental clinic has changed the bearing culture and the approach to physically handicapped patients and who need special care. The wheelchair ramp allows handicapped patients to enter the dental clinic without getting help from someone. The ramp stretches out from the right side door to the ground within seconds and holes after being used. One of the most significant thruputs of the project is the fact that mediating the patients in Guadeloupe to receive dental treatment.

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