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Dental Mobile Clinics

Mobile Dental Clinics are a clinic that treats dental disorders on a mobile basis. The mobile dental clinic attaches importance to the treatment and diagnosis of patients and the health of the patient. There are Mobile Dental Clinics on mobile around the world, and the highest demand is demand in South American countries. There are two sections in mobile Mobile Dental Clinics, the first of which is the dentist’s chair and the area where dental instruments are stored, and another area where the X-ray machine is stored so that it cannot emit much radiation around it.

The seat used in Mobile Dental Clinics is the standard dental seat stop but can be modified at customer request. The dental clinic also has a lighting system with the dentist’s chair and the necessary materials are placed both next to it and inside the cabinets. The mobile dental clinic has the necessary lighting and generators for the operation of the devices, and the kW value changes at the customer’s request.

Mobile Dental Clinics

The work area in the dental clinic is also available for cleaning cabinets, waterproof countertops, doctor’s tables, doctor’s chairs, air conditioning, and autoclave device appliances. If there is a customer request in the mobile dental clinic, there is a panoramic X-ray and this X-ray is changed according to the customer’s request. The mobile dental clinic has a section consisting of special materials to prevent the spread of radiation, and inside this section, there is both a lighting system and a socket. Our mobile dental clinic vehicle preference is vehicles with a carrying capacity of 7 tons. In the mobile dental clinic, there are clean water and dirty water tanks in the lower storage part of the vehicle separately. Our mobile dental clinic electrical installation is also carried out following European standards. Inside the dental clinic, air conditioning is available to suit all climatic conditions.

Mobile Dental Clinic provides dental care, preventive health, and screening of chronic diseases and early diagnosis. Mobile Dental Clinic tools are specially designed and equipment is placed upon customer request.

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