Mobile Health Care Vehicle Manufacturer in Ghana

Mobile health tools are designed for those who need them outside the hospital and those who live in the countryside who do not have access to the hospital. It can be designed as dental; obstetrics; gynecology; mammography; mobile X-ray; or eye health at the request of the Mold. Gene is offered as a minibus; bus; truck; and portable container according to the customer’s request; and the changes in the interior may always vary according to these requests.

Generally; mobile health tools are used in Africa and the Middle East regions. Itis is suitable for hot and cold conditions. It is the most preferred container from mobile health vehicles; its cost is small; and its space is very large; so the container ranks first as the most preferred mobile health vehicle in Africa and the Middle East.

Hospital Container Manufacturer in Ghana

Our containers have an average carrying capacity of 6-8 tons. Our containers are coated with chemical resins against abrasion and rusting and protect the containers.  The containers also have a 5 kW generator with diesel or gasoline; which can be increased and reduced according to the customer’s request. The volume of the generator is low and can be easily maintained.

We make our containers in our factories.  Preparations are made in our nearest factory according to which country our customers’ mobile health vehicle request comes from and this process is reduced to the nearest time. In my factories in Ghana; our containers are ready in a maximum of 6-8 weeks.