Mobile Health Care Vehicle

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Mobile Health Care Vehicle

Mobile Health Care Vehicle are designed for those who need them outside the hospital and those who live in the countryside who do not have access to the hospital. Mobile health tools  Tools can be designed as dental, obstetrics, gynecology, mammography, mobile retouching, or eye health at the customer’s request. Mobile health vehicles  Vehicles are also offered as minibusses, buses, trucks, and portable containers according to the customer’s request, and the changes in the interior may always vary according to these requests.

Generally, mobile health vehicles are used in Africa and the Middle East regions and accordingly are suitable and operational according to hot and cold conditions. Mobile health tools  Are the most preferred container for all times in their vehicles both low cost and lots of space in it, so containers are most desired as mobile health tools in Africa and the Middle East.

Mobile health vehicles have an average carrying capacity of 6-8 tons. Our containers are coated with chemical resins against abrasion and rusting and protect the containers. Mobile health vehicles also have a  diesel or gasoline 5 kW generator, which can be increased and reduced by kW according to the customer’s request. If the generator is desired to be of various types such as trucks, buses, or minibusses, a platform can be built on the outside accordingly. The volume of the generator is low and can be easily maintained.

Mobile Health Care Vehicle

Mobile health vehicles can be made according to the customer’s request, such as toilets, waiting room, and doctor’s room. Mobile health vehicles also have a toilet, a tank of dirty water and clean water, as well as a chemical sink, and a total of 2 sinks.

The lighting shape of mobile health vehicles is in the form of rail spotlights from the ceiling. Cleaning, closing, and moving rail spotlights save convenience and time. As for ventilation, there is air conditioning in mobile health vehicles and glass can be made to the container separately if the customer wants containers. Mobile health vehicles are the interior tiles of our company and they are solid, which makes you look good inside and relaxes the working environment of the employees.

     Mobile health vehicles are also specially made for radiation-emitting devices such as x-ray devices, and standard-compliant materials are used to prevent room radiation from coming out.

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