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Mobile Health Vehicle

As group of EOW AMBULANCEMED we know how important it is for healthcare providers to get onsite quickly, setup and serve immediately and efficiently; so our team offers mobile health vehicle solutions designed to accommodate separate exam spaces, waiting areas, supply storage and more.

Our mobilize your healthcare services to provide communities, worldwide or nationwide, with tests and screenings, hands-on education, product manufacturing or whatever your specific service offers.

In this during time Mobile Health Vehicles are custom-made medical clinics that use integrated technology to ensure medical access to a broader population. According to As the EOW AMBULANCEMED group company, we are proud to present that we do numerous mobile health care vehicle jobs around the world and that we do many of our jobs with the support of the United Nations.

Our high quality mobile health vehicle’s floor, ceiling, side panel coverings and cupboards manufactured by special materials convenient for vehicle modification  therewithal our  medical devices and equipment designed and fixed according to their usage purposes seats for 5 staff including the driver. This compartment also has a desk for data of patients and a TV set. Examination room includes refrigerator, cupboard, examination coach for gynecological purposes, defibrillator, ECG, monitoring instruments, roof lamp for surgical operations Medical observation room is located in the rear of the vehicle for three patients, including a special bed for Xray operation. In our company EOW AMBULANCEMED has  Xray equipment, washbasin, shower cabin, WC are located in the middle of the vehicle. Clean water from water tank transmitted efficiently towards WC, washbasin and shower through the centrifugal pump. Waste water is transmitted and collected in waste watertank. Besides that our Mobile Health Vehicle is equipped with 15 KW generator, UPS and illumination lamps operated with external mains power and can give 220 V outside.

Additionally, as a group of EOW AMBULANCEMED, we are here to help your requirements always. As well as we can design a capable mobile health vehicle to help, including your COVID 19 response efforts.

 Due to the pandemic, healthcare systems are on the verge of collapse, and are overburdened and understaffed. The world is not ready to face a healthcare fiasco and the fact that there is immense pressure on healthcare facilities to cater to those deprived of healthcare, our mobile health vehicles may serve as medical saviors. On this path we did outbreaking system in around of the world.

With the big leaps and advances that the world is seeing in medical technology today, we are thoroughly using it to build purpose-driven mobile health units and vehicles can be of very tangible use for the global healthcare system. Our customers should also remember that; In keeping with  group of EOW AMBULANCEMED our Mobile Health Vehicle not only does this save file space, but it also provides the patient and primary care physician with immediate information, therewithal given that they have mobile facilities and technology working to their advantage.

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