Mobile Hospital Container for Eye Health

Mobile Hospital Container For Eye Health

Mobile Hospital Container for Eye Health; Mobile health container has vital importance for those patients and older people who have no access to a hospital. Configuration of the mobile hospital container is speedy and economical, especially when compared with establishing a clinic. It takes three weeks to design and produce a mobile hospital for eye care. The required elapsed time for the setup, delivery, and training of the employee for mobile hospital containers is averagely seven workdays. A 20 ft container was used in the project. We covered the internal surfaces of the hospital container with a sandwich panel. Inner surfaces have high resistance against extreme hot as they are covered with 20 MMS isolated material. A diesel heating system placed in the examination and meeting room. The heater gains fuel from the diesel fuel tank based in the technical office. The tank has 50 liters capacity. Also, there is an explicit split type cooling system in the hospital container which is able to operate primarily in the desert climate. The container consists of three main parts: the meeting area, the examination room, and the technical room. The meeting area is used as a secretary. A patient inspection seat, designed for the eye examination, is placed in the examination room. Moreover, there are eye health examination equipment, entire automatic tonometer, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and digital retinal camera as well. In the technical room, there is a generator, an air-conditioner unit, an electric board, and a hot-cold water system. The price of the mobile hospital container for eye health without equipment is 63.000 Euro. (The quotation for setup, training, and other process are separated.)