Mobile Hospital Container (Mammography)

The bottom ground of the Mobile Hospital Container (Mammography) container is constructed from a particular trailer. The trailer consists of six components: the mobile mammography unit, examination registration room, examination room, the scanning unit of mammography, chemical WC, and technical room. Wastes are stored in the WC without demanding any canalization connection. The internal surfaces of the mammography shooting room are wholly covered with a bullet. The visuals taken from the mammography device are reflected in the computer system located in the technical room. In order to allow disabled people entering to the mammography vehicle effortlessly, we installed a lift system.

These lifts are operated from the controlling unit placed in the rear of the trailer. It is possible to reach the technical room from the mammography shooting room. The entire power and the system for units are placed in the technical room. An ups is having 12kwa, and a silent generator with gasoline 10kwa is located in the technical room as well. The Mobile Hospital Container (Mammography) unit can operate for a long time when no electric is provided under the favor of the generator and ups. Sandwich panels are used for coating the external box of the trailer. A split type air-conditioner and a diesel heater are included in the system. A digital type mammography system is preferred in the vehicle. The price of the mobile mammography begins from 200.000 Euro. 

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