Mobile Hospital Container (Surgery Trailer)

Mobile Hospital Container (Surgery Trailer) is designed for facilitating making simple surgical operations in the fields where there is restricted access to a hospital. It involves an operation table, an anesthesia system, oxygen and nitrogen tubes, and an oxygen absorption and blowing system. There is adequate space for the doctor to intervening in the patient comfortably. A doctor can rotate 360 degrees around the patient. Averagely 4 meters operation field is provided in the surgery room. A surgical aspirator device is placed next to the operation table. It is produced as a mobile hospital container or mobile surgery trailer. There is a technical room placed out of the mobile surgery section. In order to allow executing minor surgical operations in case of lacking the electricity, a 5kwa silent gasoline generator is located in the technical room.

There is an adequately storing area in the mobile surgery container, and the materials used in this area are composed of stainless material, which is antibacterial, antistatic, and cleanable. Moreover, the bottom of the mobile hospital container is covered with antibacterial epoxy resin material. A stabilization system, located vertically to the ground, is determined in order to prevent the vehicle from quakes during the surgical operations. It is possible to design a mobile surgery hospital container as an expandable container if requested. An expandable surgery container provides an extra 12m2 usage area.

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