Mobile Hospital For Women Health

We have provided meaningful support to Aleppo residents with a non-profit humanitarian aid group with Mobile Hospital For Women Health. We were delighted to reach out to sick individuals – from the Aleppo people – who could not receive regular health services.

The infrastructure and health system in the country has been severely affected by the events in Northern Syria in recent years. Mobile hospital is more needed due to the insufficient medical supplies in Syria.

As Ambulancemed, we see it as a priority to produce containers where women can be examined in a more comfortable environment. Mobile hospital is designed for women to be properly examined in a clean and safe area.

Mobile hospital is equipped with basic medical materials and equipment that may be required for childbirth. The gynecological hospital container offers solutions not only for birth and newborn, but also for gynecological examinations.

The equipment and materials required for gynecological examination are offered in the mobile hospital as standard. The gynecological examination desk is pinned to the hospital container floor and patient privacy can be provided with curtains behind the table.

Mobile Hospital For Women Health is designed to be 20 ft. The floor is covered with antibacterial resin material. Side coverings are covered with ABS material.

The 20 ft container can be transported easily with the additional transport trailer which located under the container. If it is desired to have a modular structure, it has allowed the addition of a hospital tent to the entrance.

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