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Mobile Laboratory Clinic Tool; The Mobile Laboratory Clinic tool, which is provided for use not only in the health sector, but also in all media requiring e-analysis, is a very luxurious and high quality system in terms of its technological equipment. Laboratory It is often seen that it is used in emergency response centers, environmental analysis centers and communication centers. Since it is fully equipped, it is possible to say that it is a factor in its operation even in the most difficult areas to reach. Laboratory  In today’s conditions, especially in rural areas, there are health problems.

Mobile Laboratory In order to solve these health problems, tools that can be delivered are always needed. laboratory vehicles, which provide easy access to every region, allow health services to be delivered to rural areas because they are mobile. Laboratory  The importance of such tools is undeniable in terms of addressing the health needs of people in this sector and providing them with better living and transportation conditions. Since the tools used in Laboratory  Vehicles are selected using the best and most luxurious products, the health facilities are highly equipped. Thanks to the equipment in laboratory vehicles, communication and emergency needs will also be addressed.

Mobile Laboratory

The mobile laboratory, where scientists can be moved from place to place, is a self-sufficient laboratory. The laboratory may process biological, chemical or other data depending on the equipment contained in it. Some mobile laboratories are mobile classrooms or teaching facilities. Usually companies rent or rent mobile labs instead of owning one. Private labs and research companies often use mobile labs to travel to the customer’s location.

Most mobile labs are analytical laboratories that use field data to assess the environment for potential problems. For example, food safety scientists can park a laboratory on farmland or nearby to test lettuce or other products for biological toxins or toxic pesticides. After disasters such as hurricanes or floods, scientists and technicians use mobile labs to collect water, air and other important samples.

Since the portable laboratory is in place, it can immediately identify health risks. Most of the time, first responders use mobile labs as a decontamination center.

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