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The mobile laboratory vehicle can be used for fuel quality performance or mobile biological activity. Especially in the field of chemistry, the importance of the mobile laboratory system is increasing for the preservation of quality throughout the supply chain process. In particular, it is important to take sufficient samples in the field and finalize them quickly.

The fully designed laboratory system is the primary step required in the start-up phase of companies in many possible situations.

Adequate cupboards and storage areas in the laboratory have been designed in a manner that is necessary for the effective and conclusion of all experiments in the vehicle. It can perform many tasks independently. The panel can also be used as a Van vehicle or container in areas that are needed to conduct a mobile laboratory experiment.

Mobile laboratory benches are covered with a coating material that can work appropriately on acidic surfaces. It is made of rubber material that can absorb the vibration that can come from outside under the bench. There is a shock absorber to absorb vibration. The seats inside the vehicle are designed in L shape. There are two rotatable type technician seats inside. There are four lighting units in the vehicle that can provide sufficient lighting. In addition, the left side sliding door window can be opened to get enough light. There is a 2kva generator in the vehicle. When the vehicle is not in motion, the electrical energy required for the laboratory can be made through this generator.

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