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Mobile Operating Room

There is also a truck with a operating room trailer and there is an operating room in the middle of the trailer. The entrance to the operating room can be reached by stairs from the rear of the vehicle. In the operating room, patients first undergo examinations and diagnoses in the waiting room when they enter the vehicle, and then they can enter the examination room if needed. In the operating room, there is an LED light system with a night mode feature as special interior lighting in the examination room. The gynecological seat in the mobile operating room is designed for examination and is ergonomic. The mobile operating room also has enough specially produced stainless steel cabinets, medical waste bins, medical devices, and medicines.

There are oxygen and nitrogen tubes in the examination room in the Operating Room. The examination room is entered with an encrypted door. In the operating room, there is an AED type defibrillator device next to the monitor at the head of the patient in the examination room. In this room, an ECG is provided by the patient. Oxygen and nitrogen inlets and outlets are available in the wall section of the . Operating Room is used for simple operations. A mobile ultrasound device can also be included in the operating room at customer request. There are blood pressure, height, weight, and measuring devices in the waiting room (pre-diagnosis room) in the operating room. If the patient who comes to the Operating Room is also coming on a stretcher, the ladder in the back of the vehicle is pushed and put in place, and then it can be easily transported to the trailer thanks to the lift.

Mobile Operating Room

One of the purposes of the operating room is to take the operating room to the patient instead of bringing the patient to the operating room. Operating Rooms is an application designed to respond to difficulties in rural and non-surgical areas. Operating Rooms offer excellent results and high-quality surgical care, similar to the most advanced hospitals in the world.

     Materials specially placed in the Mobile Operating Room vehicle, which ensures that the examination room remains clean and sterile, were also used and there is also a ventilation system. Generators and power lines, which are one of the most prominent devices in the mobile operating room, were carefully placed and all tests were carried out. There are also clean water and dirty water storage tanks at the bottom of the Mobile Operating Room trailer.

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