Ambulancemed Team

Administration Department

Melih P

Executive Manager

Vildan Nur ÇELİK

Deputy Executive Manager

Şeyma Ü

Custom & Logistic Supervisor

Sales Department


Factory Manager


Regional Expert


Foreign Trade Expert

Paradise EMİR

Web Designer and IT Department

Hinfiene PAGOU

Mechanical Engineer

Muhammad ISHAQ

Abu Dhabi Distributor

Accounting Department

Ayla Gizem DOLAN


Factory Department


Factory Manager

Legal Department

Av. Kaan

Legal Advisor

Our priorities

Our priorities are to design and operate innovative ambulances and mobile clinical devices that meet the expectations of our partners, and to streamline the tasks of healthcare workers. The basic innovation is to work to ensure a better life.
We are aware that the innovative current comes first and brings the future closer. We are trying to find stronger and more stable new ways to help save human lives. We believe in the need to think and act extraordinarily to increase our efficiency, and we conduct our work in this direction in a complete manner.

Our mission

Our mission is to give direction to the sector by following innovative applications and technological developments. We work hard for continuous growth in foreign target Sundays and use our resources effectively in terms of company values, goals and strategies for systems and products needed by our country and the world.