Ambulances 4×4

4×4 ambulances operate in challenging and rough terrains as specialized emergency vehicles. These ambulances use a four-wheel-drive system that ensures stability and control in off-road conditions, making them ideal for rural areas, mountainous regions, and places with harsh weather conditions such as snow, mud, or sand.

4×4 ambulances play a critical role in ensuring that emergency medical services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. Their ability to navigate difficult terrains can make the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

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Toyota Hiace Ambulance

The lower ground side of the patient section of the Toyota Ambulance has a non-slip section, making it easy for ambulance workers to move. The cab interior of the Toyota Ambulance is designed in accordance with en1789.

Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulances

All units specially designed for the vehicle, which will include all necessary equipment and medical items and adequate storage cabinets.

GMC Ambulances

GMC brand vehicles are used in our ambulance models called American Type II. They are offered with gasoline or diesel engine options. However, GMC brand ambulances mainly work with gasoline engines and are preferred.

Land Cruiser 4×4 Ambulance

Land Cruiser 4x4 ambulance provides ease of use on the many rough terrains. There is both a warning and siren system, controlled from the drivers' cabin. It located on the left side of the steering wheel, based on the external side of the ceiling.

Land Cruiser Armored Ambulance

The composite coating and ballistic steel, used out of the ambulance, can be made resistant against B6, B7, and RPG-7 guns and explosives if it is requested.

Land Cruiser Emergency Ambulance

Land Cruiser Emergency Ambulance by AMBULANCEMED, a high-performance emergency response vehicle built on the trusted Toyota platform.

Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

Toyota Right Hand Drive Ambulance is 2021 model. Land cruiser is a 4x4 model. Engine volume is 4.200 cc, it is manual transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

Toyota Land Cruiser 4 x 4 ambulance special thanks to its convenient interior design, it contains all of the emergency relief equipment, providing great convenience for ambulance staff to intervene in patients in difficult terrain.