Ambulances Box Type

Box type ambulances represent a type of emergency vehicle renowned for their spacious and versatile interior design. They possess a box-like structure, offering ample room for medical equipment, supplies, and personnel, thus rendering them suitable for various medical emergencies and patient conditions.
Box type ambulances offer a balance of functionality, comfort, and versatility, making them a valuable asset in the provision of emergency medical services.

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Ford Transit Box-Type Ambulance

The Ford Transit Box Type Ambulance is a remarkable addition to the field of emergency medical services and healthcare transportation.

Mercedes Box Body Ambulance

Every healthcare institution and emergency service provider has unique requirements. AmbulanceMed recognizes this, and that's why we offer customization options for the Mercedes Ambulance.

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance( I ) was designed to provide more interior space for the rescued patient. Doctors frequently require a large amount of space to treat their patients.

Mercedes Mobile Healthcare Vehicle

Mobile Health Care Vehicles  can be made according to the customer's request, such as toilets, waiting room, and doctor's room. Mobile health vehicles also have a toilet, a tank of dirty water and clean water, as well as a chemical sink, and a total of 2 sinks.

Mercedes-Benz Ambulances

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulances complies with TS EN 1789+A2  standards and is resistant to 10G impact.

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance

It is possible to make cased type ambulance from different brands such as Iveco, Ducato, Citreon.