Ambulances Type A

Type A ambulances are a specific category of emergency vehicles designed for patient transport. These ambulances are built on van-style chassis and are known for their compact size and maneuverability.

Type A ambulances provide a practical and efficient solution for patient transport, particularly in urban settings where space is limited.

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Fiat Doblo Emergency Ambulance

Fiat Doblo Emergency Ambulance offers you a better way; compact design, easy to take impressive carrying capacity and size of the city allows for a model.

Fiat Ducato Emergency Ambulance

Our Fıat Ducato Emergency Assistance Ambulance on the Ambulcemed EWO side offers increased internal width, placement flexibility, patient and operator comfort and a more interoperable workspace.

Ford Transit Ambulance

The ambulance customizable and the specifications of a Ford Transit Ambulance with Ambulance Conversion may vary depending on the requirements of the service provider.

Mercedes Patient Transfer Type Ambulance

The ambulances' tires are proper for common road type. Moreover, they can lead the ambulance while it is loaded wholly.

Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulance

The floor covering of the ambulance is formed as a single piece. It is skidproof. It can be easily cleaned and washed with water. It is antibacterial. It has a high resistant against combustion and structural chemicals.

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance

It is possible to make cased type ambulance from different brands such as Iveco, Ducato, Citreon.

Toyota Hi-Ace Ambulances

The whole installation in the ambulance is connected to an insurance box which is located in the patient's cabinet. There is a system in this box in order to take precautions against leakage current and control the current circuit.

Ford Patient Transfer Ambulance

The cabinet colors of ford patient transport ambulance are produced as being orange or turquoise; in fact, they can be changed depends on the customer requirements and preferences.

Land Cruiser Emergency Ambulance

Land Cruiser Emergency Ambulance by AMBULANCEMED, a high-performance emergency response vehicle built on the trusted Toyota platform.

Nissan Ambulance

The vehicle is charged via this cable. While the vehicle is in motion, it is provided with a full sinus inverter device located behind the seat in the 220V electric drive section required for the medical devices inside.

Fiat Doblo Ambulance

Fiat Doblo ambulance is the new favourite of our customers with its ease of use, ergonomic structure, convenient use on the most difficult and narrow roads and low cost.

Hyundai Emergency Ambulance

Hyundai EMERGENCY AMBULANCE type ambulance is a diesel engine, in which the necessary equipment is available to respond to the patient with emergency assistance.