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BSL Laboratory Military Camouflage

Explore BSL's cutting-edge adaptive camouflage, featuring technology that dynamically adjusts to the environment, ensuring optimal concealment across diverse landscapes and scenarios.

Container General Examination Clinic

A Container General Examination Clinic 40ft is a healthcare facility focused on providing physical examinations to patients. It helps patients get preventive care so that they can get good health or stay healthy.

Container Gynecology Surgery Clinic

Gynecological Tables, are suitable for all kinds of Obstetric and Gynecological examinations, presented to the user's taste with a special stitching system in the desired color and style, and does not frighten the patient, especially with its compact appearance.

Fiat Doblo Emergency Ambulance

Fiat Doblo Emergency Ambulance offers you a better way; compact design, easy to take impressive carrying capacity and size of the city allows for a model.

Fiat Ducato Emergency Ambulance

Our Fıat Ducato Emergency Assistance Ambulance on the Ambulcemed EWO side offers increased internal width, placement flexibility, patient and operator comfort and a more interoperable workspace.

Fiat Ducato Mobile Gynecology Vehicle

The Mobile Gynecology Vehicle Consists of The Parts There is an input area looked from the backside of the vehicle that has a space covered with a thick curtain inside it in order to enable patients to dress up and undress.

Field Hospital

Mobile Field Hospital aims to provide a compact mobile health services with various areas. This Mobile Field Hospital mainly focuses on X-ray unit, Women/Gynecology unit, Pharmacy unit, Emergency/Operation unit, etc.

Main idea for the Mobile Field Hospital Unit is to provide as much help as possible to help many patients from different injuries/uneasieness. With this idea in mind, the layout of the field hospital enables both patients and the staff to move easily in between different units. Practicality and functionality were the top priorities during the designing stage.

Ford Transit Ambulance

The ambulance customizable and the specifications of a Ford Transit Ambulance with Ambulance Conversion may vary depending on the requirements of the service provider.

Ford Transit Box-Type Ambulance

The Ford Transit Box Type Ambulance is a remarkable addition to the field of emergency medical services and healthcare transportation.

Ford Van Type Ambulance

When it comes to selecting the right vehicle for your ambulance fleet, choosing a Ford van type ambulance can offer numerous advantages. From excellent safety features and customization options to cost-effectiveness and future developments in manufacturing, Ford vans are a reliable choice for emergency medical services.

Hospital Tent

Hospital Tent The Tent Hospital by AmbulanceMed represents a pioneering solution in healthcare infrastructure. This innovative product is designed to

MAN Emergency Ambulance

MAN Emergency Ambulance Ambulacemed EOW is a type of ambulance based on the chassis that represents all the established standards of the WAS brand in our structure.