AmbulanceMed always holds products in the stock in case of immediate demanding of yours. We can dispatch the mobile health vehicles and ambulances with medical equipment, which we manufactured in our factory, within two days to the determined harbors in Turkey. We mainly grip Mercedes and Ford ambulances continuously in our stocks. We can equip ambulances within 6 hours as being an emergency or patient transport type. It takes 1-3 workdays for Turkey-Africa, 1-2 workdays for Middle-east, 2-4 workdays for Latin America, and 1-4 workdays for EU and the others to deliver by air cargo. We have constant stock for ambulance stretchers and emergency equipment. We can provide emergency equipment by air cargo on the same day. Please get in touch with us via e-mail or WhatsApp for detailed information, equipment list, document, photos, and videos.

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance

 (Ready For Shipment)

The price of the Mercedes Sprinter 2022 model (firsthand) with standard ambulance equipment starts from 65.000 Eur. Mercedes sprinter ambulance has an engine that is operating with diesel. The total volume of the engine is 2200cc. Internal surfaces of the ambulance covered with one-piece abs material. The covering material of the ceiling, ground, and walls are one-piece as well and cleanable as it is antibacterial. The ambulance manufactured as being compatible according to EN1789 norms. The 2 ambulance oxygen systems, 10 liters each one and having flowmeter and vacuum jar, is placed in the ambulance. 5 ambulances are ready and waiting for the shipment. We add medical devices and equipment in it according to demands. The preparation of the vehicles done within the same day after we confirm the delivery.

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance 2022

( Ready For Shipment)

Mercedes splinter panelvan ambulance is 2022 model, 6 forward 1 back, and manual transmission. It has a 2200cc engine volume. We present it as Euro 6 or Euro 5. Their prices with standard equipment beginning from 65.000 Euro. We produced the ambulances as being compatible according to EN1789 norms. We have 3 available ambulances in our stocks. Furthermore, we equipped one of them as being an emergency type. We manufactured the entire supplies used in the ambulance as being compatible according to EN13485 norms. We placed a stretcher, two seats, and an implicit oxygen system in the ambulance