Toyota H100 Ambulance

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Toyota H100 Ambulance

       Toyota H100 Ambulance; The first ambulances to be produced as Toyota Hiace were launched at the Toyata Yokohama factory in May 1992.  It started selling at the beginning of August of the same period. Toyota  Hiace  has received high-standard ambulance approval from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency after the ambulance’s exit.

         Toyota Hiace  Ambulance isabout to hit the  roof. The exterior lighting of the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance is carefully greened, the LED light bar has a warning light on the sides and a projector lights on the back, attracting the attention of cars around the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance on the road.

        Two toyata hiace ambulances were provided for UNHCR.

       Inside the Toyota H100 Ambulance there are multi-tone sirens that the driver can control by emitting three different sounds. The Toyota  Hiace  is reinforced with in-car support sheets and the ambulance also has sound and heat insulation.

       In the patient section of the Toyota H100 Ambulance, the non-slip floor is  antibacterial  and washable inside. There is room in the patient cabin of the ambulance to store equipment under the seats of the right section. The interior lighting of the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance consists of various lamps that are spot or fluorescent.

         Toyota H100 Ambulance measures 5380mm in length, width 1880mm, height 2285mm. Toyota  Hiace  Ambulance’s wheel span is 3110mm.

        Toyota Hiace  Ambulance is used as an emergency response ambulance in many places. Another feature of the Toyota Hiace  is that it is a very ideal ambulance to convert into an armored ambulance. Toyota  Hiace Ambulance is very suitable for operations in urban  areas and has a variety of medical equipment in it and also provides ample space for personnel.

       The exterior and interior structure of the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance is white, waterproof integral foam sheet, which allows to clean the inside of the ambulance easily and safely.

      The lower ground side of the patient section of the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance has a non-slip section, making it easy for ambulance workers to move. The cab interior of the Toyota Hiace Ambulance is designed in accordance with en1789.

Inside the Toyota Hiace  Ambulance there is hot and cold air conditioning for use in hot and cold areas. Two toyata hiace ambulances were provided for UNHCR.

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