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The Toyota Hiace Ambulance is equipped to respond to emergencies and transport patients. The Hiace ambulance cabin has left, right and ceiling cladding. In-cab equipment is designed in accordance with EN1789 norms. The Hiace ambulance can be produced not only as diesel, but also as gasoline. The ambulance has hot and cold air conditioning for use in hot and humid areas. Hiace ambulance cladding consists of one piece abs material. Using the exceptional opportunities found in this developed region to better serve our customers and fulfill our corporate commitments to improve overall health care standards and provide better emergency care for unexpected incidents and accident victims. The main goal of our management team and staff is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing quality services and products.

Therewithal you can see equipment of Toyota HIACE Ambulance below;

Standard equipment: Main stretcher, central oxygen system, portable suction unit, emergency and resuscitation case, wall mounted sphygmomanometer, IV Hook, Portable O2 cylinder.

Optional equipment: Defibrillator, Ventilator, pulse oximeter, syringe pump, infusion pump, long back Board, Scoop stretcher, stretcher, chair, Pole Stretcher, vacuum outlet, and a liter Jarred Central suction system, 220 volt 12-volt output AC / DC power supply, 220 volt Inverter output Volt XNUMX, extra battery, battery charger and input cable attached to the body, Cold Box, hand-basin.

The driver is controlled by a siren system that can operate in different modes reinforced with steel reinforcement, the patient cabin pane, sound and heat insulation on the floor of a bath, available, anti-bacterial, anti-static epoxy floor coatings on the left side (according to the choice of our clients) system cabinet or foamboard material that can be used for storage purposes on the right side of a group of interior lighting systems, fluorescent lamps, spot and Second air conditioning, extra battery, remote control panel, heater, and internal communication system

The installation used in the ambulance has different shapes and colors with the vehicle’s own installation. Also our ambulance  supports the backup battery of the vehicle, the batteries of the ambulance can be charged with a 220v input socket based on the outside of the ambulance, in any case the engine of the vehicle is not in motion. This type allows the use of medical devices in the vehicle even if the ambulance is not in motion.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Electrical Panel

In the our Toyota Ambulance the entire installation is connected to a fuse box located in the patient’s locker. This box has a system to take precautions against leakage current and control the current circuit. Moreover, Our Toyota Hiace Ambulance has a master switch that allows you to safely turn the entire electrical system on and off. This switch is located on the left side of the steering wheel in the driver’s compartment. When the ambulance is stopped, it shuts itself down within 30 minutes without any outside intervention. In the our ambulance  inside the cab has a touch panel system that allows to control the entire electrical system, such as lamps, air conditioning and heater. Therewithal  in our ambulance has a cooling fan that moves automatically to prevent perfectly overheating.

– Ambulance Front Cabin System

To facilitate the placement of the medical bag, there is a cabinet system for placing drugs in the vehicle, first aid bags and in front of the patient cabinet section. This system is completely placed on the opposite side in case the vehicle is facing from the back of the ambulance. These cabinets are manufactured in one piece. Their height is 140 cm, Depth is 40 cm and width is 25 cm. These measures can be changed if the user wishes. Therefore you can use Our Toyota Hiace  Ambulance  blindfolded with perfect convenience. All the lockers in the ambulance have a special rail system. A secure lock system is used in the ambulance while the vehicle is in motion.

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