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Toyota Hiace Model Ambulances was Delivered to Libya

Hiace Ambulances Libya; The ambulance was delivered in accordance with the standards set by the Ministry of Health of the Libyan Government. The Libyan Ministry of Health has found it convenient to take the Toyota Hiace brand ambulance. Taking into account the geographical conditions of the country and the condition of its roads. Toyota Hiace ambulances Emergency Aid, which will provide easier transportation to patients in rural areas of the country. It was designed and purchased with medical aid. It is stated that Toyota Hiace ambulances are preferred in the city center and rural areas with their ergonomic structure. Because of its easy transportation capability and long-term durability.

Toyota Hiace ambulances include stretcher groups including Main Stretcher, Chair Stretcher, Spine Board, Dustpan Stretcher and Vacuum Stretchers. In addition, Toyota Hiace ambulances include Defibrillator, Portable Vacuum Aspirator, Ventilator device, and Oxygen system as medical devices. Libya Ministry of Health stated that they specifically requested that the above-mentioned medical equipment be included in Toyota Hiace ambulances. The desired stretcher groups and medical devices are aimed at providing patients with all kinds of transportation. It also has the equipment to ensure that the necessary medical intervention is performed on-site.

Hiace Ambulances Libya

Libya Ministry of Health also informed that Toyota Hiace ambulances have anti-bacterial and easy-to-clean cabinets with ABS coating and foamboard material, and the ambulance floor is covered with anti-slip and easy-to-clean epoxy.

Finally, The Ministry of Health of Libya track the use of the Toyota Hiace ambulance and stated that they can purchase a Toyota Hiace ambulance again in the future.

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