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Toyota Land Cruiser Niger                                                                

Toyota Land Cruiser Niger; Toyota Land Cruiser is a 4*4 vehicle that combines quality materials and equipment, comfort and safety. Toyota has proven itself worldwide in the safety and quality it provides, especially in recent years. We wanted to bring the high level of comfort, safety and quality that the vehicle provides to its users to the field of health, as the vehicle is suitable for conversion into an emergency vehicle. Thus, we started to transform the Toyota Land Cruiser into an ambulance and received high feedback.

Considering the price and performance of the Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance, it is quite affordable. With the high quality and high technology components it offers, Toyota is the reason for preference in this regard. Based on all these, it is one of the first vehicle we suggest to our customers. 

Toyota Land Cruiser Niger / West Africa

We exported to many countries in West Africa. Niger is one of the countries where our commercial relations have just begun to form. Since we are a company that exports to many countries in West Africa, it is possible to say that we have an intense interaction in that region. 

It was a few years ago when we contacted our first customer from Niger. But we realized our first commercial relationship and export 2 years ago. It took a long time to deal for the first exportation. We have established good commercial relations with the company we cooperated with within the scope of a project and we are still exporting to Niger through the same company. Apart from this, we also made agreements with other companies from Niger. We also exported ambulances through other companies. All companies in Niger preferred Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance in terms of its suitability for its own country conditions. To this end, 80% of our ambulance export to Niger consists of Toyota Land Cruiser. We think that we will do higher amount of work in Niger in the future. 

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