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Toyota Land Cruiser Nigeria; Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the 4*4 vehicle types suitable for converting into an ambulance. Not only its suitability for transformation; The safety and comfort provided by the vehicle is very important. Emergencies are issues that cannot be compromised. The vehicle is also preferred due to its exterior design. The lack of a van type vehicle can be a question mark for some customers. However, Toyota Land Cruiser includes the same medical equipment and emergency response tools as other Van-type vehicles. We complete the ambulance conversion and present it to our customers, taking into account the standards suitable for the country in which the ambulance will be used and the standards of international health institutions. Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance can meet the necessary criteria for almost all countries in the world. Although the ambulances we transform are generally in line with world standards, we want to equip the vehicles with equipment that meets the needs of our customers.

Toyota Land Cruiser Nigeria / AmbulanceMed
Our company AmbulanceMed; works with great devotion in the field of health with its entire team. In this context, we took part in big projects with some countries. It is our responsibility to offer our customers the most suitable, efficient, robust and safest vehicles in line with our own experience. In addition to the vehicle we transformed into an ambulance; We are very sensitive about the quality, hygiene and compliance with world standards of the medical equipment we use.

We have commercial relations with many West African countries. One of them is Nigeria. When we presented the ambulances that we converted to our Nigerian customer, they chose our Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance, which they thought would adapt to the road conditions of their country and would transport the patient in the safest way, especially from rural areas. 

After initially exporting 3 ambulances, we are now the manufacturer of more than 50 ambulances in use in Nigeria. It is a source of honor for our company to contribute to improvement projects in Africa, especially in regions that are insufficient in the field of health.