Mobile health vehicles provide permanent and safe areas for injured people or patients. AmbulanceMed company supplies many health vehicles that can mobile and portable such as dental clinics, hospital tents, laboratories, containers, and mobile hospitals.  Also, mobile health vehicles include infection tents against COVID-19 for patients. AmbulanceMed contains a lot of X-Ray trucks for the North African countries, Middle East countries, and the Far East countries. In addition, expandable container hospitals belong to the AmbulanceMed also. The container consists of three main parts which are the greeting room, examination and intervention room, which can be also designed as a resistance room, and a technical room. These vehicles have been supplied by AmbulanceMed.

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Toyota Hino Box Type Mobile Surgery Vehicle

Advancing Healthcare: The AmbulanceMed Box Type Mobile Surgery Vehicle In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, technological advancements continue to reshape


CBRN Tent CBRN Tent designed as being protective against the adverse effects resulting from a biological, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear

Infection Tent Against Corona

Infection Tent Against Corona (” For Any kind of Viruses such as Corona, Sars, Mers…etc”) Infection Tent Against Corona; In

Mobile Dental Clinic For Sale

Mobile Dental Clinic For Sale | AmbulanceMed is in high demand from South American countries with its mobile dental clinic

Mobile General Inspection Vehicle

Mobile General Inspection Vehicle, we designed the Mobile Examination Vehicle for general examination and patient record creation. With the Mobile

Mobile Mammography Cancer Scanning Vehicle

Mammography Cancer Scanning Vehicle, we think cancer is one of the biggest health problems of our time. In this regard,

Mobile X-Ray Truck

Our AmbulanceMed Mobile X-Ray truck design is aimed at providing solutions to its users in the field of occupational health

Expandable Container Hospital

Expandable Container Hospital An expandable container hospital manufactured by transforming containers having 20 or 40 ft gauges into a hospital.

Hospital Tent

Field Hospital Tent The field hospital tent consists of three components: -Decontamination tent -Decontamination shower -CBRN tent > A field

Mobile Mammography Vehicle

Mobile Mammography Vehicle Mobile mammography vehicle utilized in order to determine the breast cancer disease. The vehicle arose from a

Mobile Surgery Trailer

Mobile Surgery Trailer It is located in the middle of the vehicle. It can be easily reached from the back

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle Mobile x-ray vehicle donated with the equipment that takes digital views. The vehicle consists of four main